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Baking machinery industry takes the road of technological innovation and national development

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Update time : 2015-03-04 20:57:18

   The development of baking machinery processing technology has been changing with each passing day, and there are many kinds of tricks. In today's world, science and technology are advancing by leaps and bounds, and the cycle of technological updates is constantly shortening. For a large country with a population of 1.3 billion, it cannot rely on imported equipment for a long time. Relying on the introduction of technology alone can only follow others and will never catch up with others. In the future, the way out for the development of technical equipment in China's bakery industry lies in technological innovation. Only by strengthening technological innovation can we narrow the gap with the international advanced level and catch up with the international advanced technological level.

The current era is the era of mechanization. In the current enterprise coexistence production, mechanization replaces manual manufacturing almost entirely, which improves the overall manufacturing capacity, and while the efficiency is improved, the manufacturing effect is more standardized and unified.

Therefore, the entire manufacturing activities are developing in this direction. Now that mechanization is popularized, science and technology have become the current development direction of many productions. With the help of science and technology, baking has achieved wonderful leaps, and now it is food. A large branch in mechanical equipment plays a pivotal role.

Nowadays, my country has issued a series of supporting policies related to the food industry, and the market has played a very important role in the development of the baking machinery industry; with the further implementation of WTO rules, baking machinery will upgrade its technical level around international rules and conventions. With the implementation of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", some new technologies, new equipment, and new standards will emerge one after another, which will inevitably promote the rapid development of the domestic baking machinery industry.

However, overseas baking machinery replacement products continue to emerge, and the replacement of high-end domestic baking machinery products will continue to attract foreign technology; major foreign competitors will continue to increase, and they will attract many domestic products by virtue of their technological advantages, quality advantages and advanced marketing strategies. Users: The technical barriers implemented by developed countries are getting higher and higher, leading to the fact that many baking machinery and materials imported by our country can only be used, and it is difficult to update independently.

Experts believe that my country will improve the industrial structure of the baking machinery industry, increase investment in scientific research, promote the popularization of high-end baking machinery products, key leading enterprises to build technology research and development laboratories, increase technology and capital investment, and produce high-end products. In the future, my country's baking machinery products will develop rapidly in the direction of high-end, while the baking machinery manufacturing industry can also well reflect the power of advanced technology and technology.

The bakery market is becoming increasingly broad. The bakery machinery industry is a sunrise industry with high technical content and high production concentration. In the future, market demand will inevitably develop towards high-end and intelligent, and the industry will become more standardized. Key companies bring a rare opportunity for hard work. All companies should not be heroes based on scale and speed, but should pursue endogenous growth and innovative development, and meet future market opportunities and challenges with an international perspective.

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