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The growth rate of the baking market is amazing. Mechanized production is the development trend of the industry

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Update time : 2021-03-02 15:12:00
The growth rate of the baking market is amazing. Mechanized production is the development trend of the industry

In fact, compared with other market segments in the catering industry, the baking industry is a field with a relatively high degree of standardization, so it is easier to develop rapidly. Coupled with the increasing consumer demand for the quantity and quality of baked goods, the market size has been increased. And the capacity continues to expand. According to relevant data, the retail scale exceeded 100 billion yuan in 2017, and it is estimated that the baking market will be nearly 210 billion yuan in 2018. Experts in the industry said that the domestic baking scale has grown at an amazing rate, and the market "cake" is constantly expanding.

When it comes to baked goods, everyone is no stranger. Baked food is mainly a large category of food that is matured through the process of sowing and high-temperature baking, also known as baked food. Although bakery products have a wide range, diverse varieties, different shapes, and different flavors, they mainly include three types of products such as bread, cakes, and biscuits. No matter which type, they are inseparable from baking equipment in the production and processing process.

With the rapid development of the food industry, modern baking technology has undergone earth-shaking changes, product quality continues to improve, new raw materials emerge in an endless stream, production equipment is increasingly updated, and the trend of large-scale product production is obvious. It is understood that a bread processing company continues to develop new technologies, new processes and new equipment, and through the introduction of internationally advanced bread production lines from Germany and the United States, to improve product technology and ensure the unity of quality and taste.

In addition, a Hainan company invested nearly 100 million yuan in customizing equipment for the coconut biscuit production line to innovate product technology, improve product quality and production efficiency. These equipments will constitute multiple production lines such as puff pastry biscuits and cookies. Among them, the cookie production line is a combination of equipment from Denmark, the Netherlands and other countries, which has strong multi-functional and automatic characteristics. After these production lines are put into operation, they will greatly improve the processing efficiency and product quality, and promote the relevant technological capabilities to reach the international advanced level.

In addition, Liaoning has introduced the largest biscuit production line in Northeast China. This production line is more than 140 meters in length, and all production links such as dough mixing, molding, baking, cooling, and packaging are all completed on the production line. At the same time, from raw material mixing and compression to vacuum packaging, the entire production line runs in an orderly manner, and finally becomes a beautifully packaged biscuit.

However, compared with other countries in the world, there is still a considerable gap between my country's baked goods. Regardless of the processing technology, the quality of the finished product, the scale of production, and the variety of designs, there is still a lot of work to do. Industry insiders said that my country’s insufficient investment in scientific research has led to a low degree of automation in my country’s bakery industry. At the same time, there are more single-machine products, fewer complete sets of equipment, more primary processing equipment, less deep processing equipment, more general-purpose models, special requirements, and special material processing. Fewer models and so on. Therefore, baking equipment manufacturers also need to strengthen research and development efforts to improve the equipment market competitiveness.

In China, baked goods occupy an important position in the food processing industry and still have great market development prospects. As the saying goes, "Workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to be good at their tools." Baked food processing enterprises must actively innovate baking technology and introduce advanced equipment to meet the needs of large-scale and standardized markets. And baking equipment manufacturers need to continue to strengthen the research and development of related equipment to help baking companies improve their market competitiveness.